Electronic Performance Support

Electronic Performance Support (EPS)

In todays' work environment, most medium to large organizations incorporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to manage business areas such as human resources, finance, logistics and sales.

Often these ERP systems manage transactions and workflows to the extent that they are now an integral part of our everyday business activity. In short, organizations have become reliant on these systems to optimize their operations.

It is imperative that your workforce is trained to a point where they can interact with these systems optimally providing productivity back to their department and organization. Achieving this requires two things. First, they need to be trained well. Second, they must have a certain level of reference materials available to them to continue to perform competently.

MMCLD specializes in the design and development of electronic performance support tools. These are designed as either:

  1. a complete technology based courseware which will cater for the training and assessment of the learner; or
  2. complementary to the point above, a range of learning objects that are made available to the learner while on the job. The purpose of these is to provide animated modules demonstrating the use of particular functions or processes.

Over the years, MMCLD has built an extensive range of EPS training for a variety of clients within Government and Corporate sectors.

Case Study

For more than a decade, MMCLD has been a consistent supplier to a major Federal government organization for the design and development of EPS training in the areas of:

  • Logistics,
  • Human Resource Management, and
  • Workflow Application.

MMCLD designed and developed these courses with "Try Me", "Show Me" and Quiz Me" components incorporated within the courseware. MMCLD was able to also raise the fidelity of the training by being able to accurately mimic the functionality of the system providing the learner with the impression that they are in the real system.

The key features that underpin this type of training are the opportunities to capture "best practice" and to be able to train and assess on a virtual system.

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