3D Visualization

The ability to clearly communicate our ideas is something we strive for every day in almost everything we do.

When it comes to communicating ideas, or describing an object that exists or doesn't exist, it can prove extremely difficult for both the presenter and the receiver of the information. However, the achievement of understanding in this process can be facilitated by the development of concepts through visualization.

3D visualization is a core strength of MMCLD. We take pride on being able to bring to life for our clients their ideas — whether those ideas have their genesis in an abstract concept or detailed schematics. Whatever the start point, we have the ability to engineer and deliver high-fidelity, photographic or animated 3-dimensional media that clearly communicates our client's information.

Whether it is medical, industrial or military technology, MMCLD achieves this by transforming the idea or object into a 3-dimensional model that is faithful to the original specification. From there, a treatment is applied to provide texturing, lighting, rigging, carefully choreographed animation, compositing and rendering to bring the model to life to provide the most powerful expression of visualization.


Case Study

MMCLD were commissioned to visualize one of Australia’s most recent military acquisitions, the HMAS Canberra, LHD. This ship was not only a new acquisition, but a new capability for the Royal Australian Navy. The visualization exercise had to be completed by MMCLD before the construction of the ship was completed. As a result, in partnership with Aurecon, MMCLD produced for the Navy a reproduction of the engineering plans in the form of a 3D visualization that presented not only the appearance of the LHD, but also illustrated its amphibious capability.


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