The telecommunications industry encompasses a broad range of organizations that manage numerous forms of communication. This includes audio, images or video, interaction as analogue or digital data streams across closed/open networks or the internet.

This sector includes organizations both corporate and government providing telecommunications services such as telephone, mobile phone, TV, internet, satellite, networks, wireless, security, and copper/optical cable.

Driven by a demand for better services through innovation, these organizations strive to provide products and services to their client base in the most efficient and effective manner to optimize productivity, competitiveness and quality of service.

While procedural improvements and technology make a contribution to this process, the key to success is the professional development of staff. The most cost effective method of training staff is through the use of Technology Based Training (TBT).

MMCLD has accumulated significant experience in supporting the telecommunications services industry having developed Premium Technology Based Training in areas such as:

  • Organizational Induction
  • Sales Product Training
  • SatCom Training (Military)
  • Phone Simulation (Hi Fidelity Training)
  • How the Internet Works
  • Customer Services
  • Compliance (i.e. Trade Practices and Occupational Health and Safety)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems (Implementation Training/Performance Support) focusing on areas such as Financial Systems

MMCLD Premium Technology Based Training – Representative Case Study

MMCLD developed a customized performance support tool for The Australian Defense Force (Tri-Services). The ADF introduced a mobile satellite communications system into service.

Prior to its introduction, the Australian Special Forces community were the only teams to have used the device in service. The objective now was to introduce this system into service across all divisions of Army, Navy and Air Force.

MMCLD performed a training needs analysis which revealed that the training required modules that covered:

  • Overview
  • Operation
  • Encryption
  • Tuning to satellite location
  • Physical configurations
  • Set-up/pack-up
  • Fault finding
  • Maintenance

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