Healthcare Services

The healthcare services industry encompasses a broad range of organizations that manage health and wellness. This sector includes hospitals, pharmaceuticals, practitioners, medical research and educational institutions in state and federal government, plus private enterprise.

Driven by health care needs these organizations strive to provide products and services to their client base in the most efficient and effective manner to continually improve the standard of health care they provide.

While procedural improvements and technology make a contribution to this process, the key to success is the professional development of staff members. The most cost effective method of training staff is through the use of Technology Based Training (TBT).

MMCLD has accumulated significant experience in supporting the health care services industry having developed Premium Technology Based Training in areas such as:

  • Organizational Induction
  • Change Management
  • Basic First Aid (Military)
  • Palliative Care
  • Training in Renal Disease
  • ECG Training for Nurses
  • Medical Products Training

MMCLD Premium Technology Based Training – Representative Case Study

MMCLD in partnership with a hospital within the State health care system jointly designed and developed a customized training program on the ECG (Electrocardiogram).

ECG is a required competency for nurses in training. MMCLD’s courseware was comprehensively adopted as a means by which all new entrants would achieve this competency. This generated significant efficiencies within the hospital system and ensured that all nurses were trained to the same standard.

The courseware also provided the senior staff with the opportunity to follow up as subject matter experts, where time could be used most productively in answering more technical questions. In addition, the courseware was used extensively for refresher training at no extra cost to the healthcare system.

MMCLD designed and developed this courseware to be engaging. The courseware provided a complete and detailed treatment of the subject matter. For example, in one section learners are provided with detailed 2D imagery of the heart animated under a variety of conditions - while simultaneously -- an ECG reading is provided with a matching graph in support of the animation.

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