Defense and The Defense Industry

Defense and the Defense industry includes a broad range of organizations that contribute to the maintenance of our national security and provide support to the civil community as required.

This sector includes government defense organizations requiring basic through to advanced training in areas such as legislation, processes or equipment. It also includes private defense organizations requiring training solutions for the equipment and services they provide to Defense.

Driven by the national interest, these organizations strive to deliver the products and services they provide to Defense in the most efficient and effective manner to optimize productivity, competitiveness and quality of service.

While procedural improvements and technology make a contribution to this process, the key to success is the associated training of Defense personnel. The most cost effective method of achieving these training outcomes is through the use of Technology Based Training (TBT).

MMCLD has accumulated significant experience in supporting Defense and Defense industry having developed Premium Technology Based Training (PTBT) and Hi Fidelity Tactile Training in areas such as:

  • First aid and basic medical
  • Land, sea, air and celestial navigation
  • Laws of Armed Conflict
  • Weapons training – all categories
  • Urban Combat Tactics
  • Amphibious Operations
  • Operations Training
  • Defense Assisted Techniques
  • Equipment Recognition
  • IED and General Explosives Training
  • Claymore Training
  • Coalition Logistics
  • Support to Capability
  • Joint Logistics Training
  • Navy Location Markings
  • Navy Flight Deck Handling
  • Military Symbology
  • Combat Communications - Satellite/Ground

MMCLD Premium Technology Based Training – Representative Case Study

MMCLD developed a customized training package for Australian Defence on the subject of Coalition Logistics.  The intention was to ensure uniformity of performance for Coalition Logistics Officers.

Developing the courseware required MMCLD to build specific versions for the US DoD, British MOD, Canadian DND and the Australian ADF. 

This process required MMCLD to be exposed to sensitive Defense information. However, this presented no difficulties as all staff members maintain appropriate Defense security clearances.

This package was well received by all countries as MMCLD more than satisfied their requirements.

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