Micro Sites

Micro Sites

Since 1991, MMCLD has had the unique opportunity to develop specialized skills in two very distinct markets — Kindergarten to Year 12 Education and Military Defense. As a result, MMCLD has implemented two divisions that are dedicated to managing these markets without any negative impact on MMCLD’s Corporate business. This has proven to be a key ingredient to MMCLD’s growth.

MMCLD’s strength within defense has been the ability to interpret the military training requirement, then to be able to simulate the optimum response to this requirement using computer based training. The result has been a significant volume of specialized subject matter designed and developed into hi-fidelity content for United States, British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Defense Forces.

MMCLD’s K-12 market is fulfilled through its unique capability to be able to act as an interpreter between the educators and technology. This has given MMCLD the ability to design, develop and deploy customized enterprise resource planning systems to the client. This provides the K-12 resource with training and an assessment workflow to significantly improve professional development for teachers and students’ scholastic levels.

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